• 2016 90 minutes

      Paradise is only a rope swing away.

      When nature has had enough it bites back through the hand of man.

      SACRACIDE is a psychological horror that takes the genre back to its essence and roots in the old-school manner. Stripped back to the independent filmmaking rawness that oozes cult horror storyline and production, it focuses on Lucy, a yearlong Ibiza veteran who feels that she has seen it all, as she is snared into the net of a fading cult, which has been taken over by a disenchanted genius who has been lost to the dark arts. Drawn in by a kindred lost soul Romain, she entails on a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ whirlwind romance where they ride through the beautiful hills on his decrepit moped while he pillages the pockets of the rich and an unfortunate garage owner who is unwittingly held up with a water pistol. Sparks fly as they tear their way into the unknown. Little does she know that she is being 'sacrificed' to clear Romain's name.

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      • Kamrakasi Films

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