Set Point

  • 2014 17 minutes

    Two sisters get revenge on an ex boyfriend

    AMY is a successful computer genius and her profession occupies most of her time. She also has a debt to settle with her sister. Soon enough she befriends an arrogant, rich investment banker, THIERRY, at their local tennis club and agrees to go on a date with him.

    At the date, they get to know one another and it seems there is something under the surface to Thierry’s materialistic character, which includes his destitute and vulnerable ex, MARIE and his bad date with a fiery Russian bar manager, KRISTINA. At the same time there is something under the surface to Amy’s intentions too.

    As the night develops, Amy learns there is an ill gotten past to Thierry’s story and knows she has to use her advanced computer skills to uncover his secrets and bring justice to whoever were involved.

    Set Point is a comical drama about revenge and if justice can be made against those who cheat to claim victory.

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