• 2012 100 minutes

    James bond movie

    The film begins in Istanbul, where James Bond (Daniel Craig) finds fellow MI6 agent Ronson critically wounded and the hard-drive of a nearby laptop missing, the contents of the hard-drive not yet revealed. Bond gives chase to the enemy, a professional hitman by the name of Patrice (Ola Rapace), with the help of MI6 operative Eve (Naomie Harris), first by car, then by motorbike across the tiled roofs of the Istanbul Grand Bazaar, until finally the two men end up on a train. Bond is shot in the shoulder by Patrice whilst trying to make his way onto Patrice's car.

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Alternative Names

  • Skyfall: The Experience
  • Skyfall 007 Bond
  • Skyfall 007 - James Bond
  • Skyfall (English, Turkish)
  • Skyfall (007)
  • SkyFall - James Bond
  • Sky falls
  • James Bond/ Skyfall
  • James Bond 23 Sky Fall
  • James Bond 007 Skyfall
  • James Bond 007
  • James Bond
  • Bond Sky fall
  • BOND 23th
  • Bond 23 Skyfall
  • Bond 23
  • Bond 007 Skyfall
  • (ST) Skyfall