2016, 120 minutes

SOLO! is ONCE in the sun and with a happy ending; MAMMA MIA on a tiny scale; with elements of THE FULL MONTY, THE COMMITMENTS, STEP UP, PITCH PERFECT, and BRASSED OFF.

A young Englishman arrives in a remote, run-down Spanish village and has to reform their band – before they find out that it was his dad who ruined the village in the first place.

Connected mandy members:

Francis McNeill
Line Producer
Production Assistant, Boom Operator
Paloma Jones
Irene Maffei
AD (1st)
1st AD
Dave (Gangster)
Nour Wazzi
1st A.D
Sukey Richardson
Line Producer
Mike Shackleton
Boom Operator
1st AS Boom operator
Andrew Palmer
Production Designer
Art Director
June Smith
Siwan Hill
Make-up Artist
Head of wardrobe
Dryden enforcer
Shamirah Sairally
Make-up Artist
Hair & Makeup Designer
Bar Patron
Jordan Majewski
Production Assistant
Production Assistant