Stag Night of the Dead

2010, 81 minutes

The groom wishes he'd followed bridezilla and his mother-in-law-to-be's instructions to pick up the buttonholes and stay at home

If the mysterious plague sweeping the nation wasn't bad enough, Dean is still going ahead with his doomed wedding tomorrow morning. That leaves him with a choice - pick up the buttonholes and chocolate fountain as instructed by bridezilla Elaine, or go with five mates (and a stripper) to play 'Zomball' at a top secret military compound where you get to shoot zombies with huge stun guns. Disobeying the golden rule of Zomball ('never humiliate a zombie') the stags face overwhelming odds from the massed undead and each stag is hunted down. The truth about Zomball is finally revealed and suddenly the mother-in-law is the least of Dean's problems...

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Jemma Lewis
Angela Bull
Lead - Dean
Nichola White
Makeup Artist
Make up Artist
David Beaumont
Director of Photography
Camera Operator
John Dingain
Zombie/Clapper Loader
visual effects supervisor
Jess Heath
Make-up Artist
SFX makeup artist
Nichola White
Make-up Artist
Make Up Artist