2013, 15 minutes

A chance meeting with a victim forces a fraudster to question his life

"Be honest with me: don't you want to be the best version of you?" So says Gabriel Rhodes, an online self-help guru taking the internet by storm. He has a new book on the way, and fans are flocking to join his website. His confident demeanour, charm, and advice are worshipped by people desperate to be like him. Unfortunately for them, Gabriel does not exist. He is the brainchild of Chuck, a 30-year-old man living alone and working in a dreary, listless job. Believing money will protect him from his feelings of isolation, he has created Gabriel as an escape from his own miserable existence... and as a means of scamming people out of their money. However, when Summer - a devoted fan of "Gabriel" - tries to track him down and stumbles on his creator, Chuck soon begins to struggle holding the facade in place...

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