Tamara Drewe

2010, 107 minutes

Stephen Frears's adaptation of the Posy Simmonds comic strip

Set in Ewedown, a fictitious village in Dorset|Dorset, England. Tamara Drewe, a young and attractive journalist, returns home with the intention of selling her now-deceased mother's house which she has inherited. Locals are amazed at the improvement in her appearance after she had a nose job while away. Andy had been interested in her when she was a girl, and when he sees her now it is clear he is attracted. Across the valley is a neighbour's house where authors stay to work on their stories, but the husband, Nicholas, keeps having affairs while his wife stays at home providing food and lodging for her patrons. At one point he embarks on an affair with Tamara, after she finishes with boy-band drummer Ben, whose dog Boss enjoys chasing cows. Andy has been asked by Tamara to work on the house so she can sell it, and he becomes aware of the affairs, as do two local schoolgirls (Jody and Casey) who cause some havoc by throwing eggs at cars and interfering with Tamara's emails. Jody 'loves' Ben and when he leaves Ewedown after the Tamara affair, Jody uses her wiles to lure him back, where she is found out and told-off. Meanwhile Beth, the jilted housewife running the writers' retreat, is befriended and then loved by one of her lodgers, and she easily persuades him to stay when her husband Nick is killed in an accident. By this time the true love of Andy and Tamara brings them together, Tamara deciding to stay in Ewedown after all. [<a href='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamara_Drewe_(film)'>Plot summary provided by WikiPedia</a>]

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