Tear Me Apart

2015, 86 minutes

Romantic Horror/Thriller

Struggling to survive amidst the barren wasteland of post-apocalyptic England, two young brothers are forced to start preying on nomadic wanderers. As the older brother, 20, tries to cling to their last slither of humanity, the younger, 14, can’t see the moral dilemma and relishes the chance to eat meat… until he meets the first girl he’s ever seen. Caught between his survival instinct, intrigue, and an unknown desire to touch her, her presence starts to bring out what remains of his humanity, and in turn, threatens his survival through starvation. But the girl, possibly the last one alive, brings with her word of a remaining town nearby heralding the answers to the apocalypse that wiped out the female race. However, the older brother warns that the town has been overrun and turned into a trap. For all the goodness this girl brings out of the younger brother, she also resurrects a darkness within the older. When he eventually succumbs to nature’s strongest impulse he becomes a potent sexual threat that will stop at nothing to fulfil his desire. The girl and the younger brother are forced to take off in search of the town, but with the older brother in pursuit, trekking across dangerous, unknown territory, and with a potentially hellish destination ahead, the chances of survival are slim... The film explores the blurred line between animalism and humanity, and asks, when everything is stripped away, what does humanity really mean? Is it just an empty concept created out of a fear of being controlled by our carnal instincts. Or is it something more, something real, something untouchable?

Connected mandy members:

Joe/Younger brother