The Drowners

The Drowners

2010, 12 minutes

A sinister underwater romance.

The Drowners is a film that underlines the powerful and unique intoxication of love, the uniqueness of emotional connection, and the idea of romantic and sexual tension within a microcosm. The action takes place within a synchronised swimming team, who are preparing for a production of The Sleeping Beauty that recalls the grandeur and spectacle of the 1930s synchronised swimming films. A new swimmer enters the club, and an uneasy romance develops between her and the protagonist, Charlotte. The upcoming show presents a ticking clock against which Charlotte must act or risk losing love forever. The film is not simply a beautiful romance; it is also an exploration of the sinister side of love and romance, against a backdrop of stunning exquisiteness.

Connected mandy members:

Jim Ford
Synchronised Swimming Coach
Catherine Taylor
Edwin Matthews
Dubbing Mixer
ADR Recordist
Lucy Gahagan
Production Designer
Art Director/Underwater