The Fairy Flag

  • 2015 100 minutes

    A flag said to possess supernatural powers of protection comes into the possession of a highland clan of Scotsmen fighting for their survival.

    When an English warlord invades the Isle of Skye, the head of the Clan Macleod, Iain Breac MacLeod, and his clanmen must fight to save their island. Iain rescues a mysterious woman, Titania, from the warlord's camp. He falls in love and marries her but when they have a child, the truth of her origins are revealed. Titania is a fairy and she must return to Fairyland but before she leaves she gives Iain a magic flag which will protect the clan in the final battle with the warlord.

    Companies involved in this production

    • Zoghogg Entertainment Ltd

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Alternative Names

  • The Fair Flag
  • Fairy Flag, the
  • Am Bratach Sith