The Great Train Robbery

2013, 9 minutes

The 50th Anniversary of the Great Train Robbery

Thursday the 8th of August will be the 50th anniversary of The Great Train Robbery. We'll be celebrating the pioneering work done by police staff of the time and highlighting their methods,evidence and stories. To get involved follow us on Twitter (@thamesvp) and Facebook. Taking place on the Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire border, and with trials at Aylesbury, the Great Train Robbery brought much attention not only to the Buckinghamshire Constabulary, but also the Metropolitan Police and the Post Office Investigation Department. The investigation that followed was the largest combined investigation then undertaken, involving many officers in the direct investigation and many Buckinghamshire Constabulary officers involved in scene containment, and escorting prisoners at the many remand hearings, committal hearings and eventually the trial.

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