The Hunted

    • 2009 10 minutes

      Horror / Thriller

      The film follows two police officers as they hunt for a serial killer. The killer's motives and means are shrouded in mystery and hint at that of a supernatural being.
      Inspector Sanderson (Michael Dacre) is near the end of a long man hunt, his search for an elusive serial killer has lead him to a nearby woodland along with his inexperienced partner Michael (Haidar Ali).
      After mass media rumour of the killer being a werewolf due to their ritualistic killings, Sanderson narrows the trail to one lone man who lives in the woods (Guy Mott). But is all as it seems? Or is there something much darker going on behind these killings?

      Companies involved in this production

      • David Gillon & Liam Johnson

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    Alternative Names

    • Hunted, the