The London Firm

  • 2014 120 minutes

    A meets B

    A strip bar, unknown city location. It’s night. All manner of shady characters congregate around the bar. Scantily clad ladies gyrate round poles, ogled by drunken businessmen in wrinkled suits.

    It is here that our three protagonists meet. A Contractor has pulled in two of the finest killers in the City for the job of a lifetime – the catch is, he can’t tell either man who the job is for or what it is. They are to travel with him in the back of a truck to an undisclosed location.

    Our killers are types we know – the cold, flinty veteran of countless paid murders – we’ll call him A - and the young up-and-comer who we’ll call B: good looking but arrogant. A, sipping tequila, probes at his younger accomplice, sensing frailty beneath the swagger. No matter his misgivings the potentially large payday persuades A to take the job and all three board the truck that is waiting in a side alley.

    As soon as they board the truck, A’s trepidation is warranted. Unknown to them both men have been drugged. They pass out. On waking they find their Contractor has been brutally murdered. Trapped in the back of the truck their ruminations pass through various theories and their respective characters and life experiences are revealed in their responses to the situation they find themselves in. However, things soon take another turn for the worse.

    A woman calls for the murdered Contractor. As they speak it transpires she is the Client's representative. Over the course of several conversations, it becomes apparent that both men are locked in the truck because of past transgressions against a shadowy underworld boss known as Mr Fines.

    As the journey lurches towards the inevitable bloody conclusion, they learn about each other, their lives, loves and ultimately the very things that snared them inside the truck. As their journey comes to an end the plot concludes in a shocking and bloody twist.

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Alternative Names

  • London Firm, the
  • AB Negative