The Second Shepherds' Play

  • 2016 46 minutes

    Three shepherds have their sheep stolen by a local thief. They confront him and his wife Jill to recover the sheep. Later they are visited by an angel and journey back in time to Bethlehem to the nativity.

    Col, Gib and Daw are typical medieval shepherds: complaining about the weather, wives, and their political oppressors. They encounter the thief Mak out in the fields where they graze their sheep. Worried about theft, they force him to lie down with them. But he only pretends to sleep and when he wakes, casts a spell on them and proceeds to steal a sheep. When he arrives home, his wife Jill is fearful that if discovered,t why will be hung. She devises a plan, to disguise the sheep as a baby. And when he shepherd count their store, they do in fact find a sheep missing and run tot he village to confront Mak and Jill. They only find a wailing mother and her newborn wrapped in the blanket. They leave dejected, but realize they haven't given the newborn a gift. Returning to the house, they discover the ruse, though Mak and Jill make up all sorts of excuses as to why the sheep is actually their child. The shepherds proceed to attack Mak, but not kill him. They recover their sheep, return to the fields, and bed down for the night. In the night, they are visited by an angel who instructs them on how to journey to Bethlehem to witness the nativity. They travel back in time and arrive to meet Mary and give the child gifts of their own making.

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    • Grandfather Films

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Alternative Names

  • The Second Shepherds' Play (Middle English)
  • Second Shepherds' Play, the