The Showreel

2014, 17 minutes

An action-packed comedy short by multi award-winning writer/director Keir Burrows.

The Showreel is an action-packed comedy short with a powerful emotional kick. It follows Nasreen, an immigrant office cleaner who dreams of being an action movie star. She whiles the work hours away pretending to be a zombie-hunting dragon slayer - then decides to make her screen acting dreams real. She creates characters for herself to play and goes out, imagining it’s all a film set, with a camera on every corner and that real people are just extras… with entirely unexpected consequences.

Connected mandy members:

Dieudonnee Burrows
Production Assistant
Producer, Line Producer
Joe Golby
Fight Co-Ordinator
Stunt Coordinator
Yiltan Ahmet
Holly Joyce
The Supervisor
Noor Lawson
Riitta Hakkarainen
Production Designer
Production Designer Assistant, Art Department Supervisor
Mean Girl
Jen Miller
Production Assistant