Weighed-In: The Story of the Mumper

2011, 90 minutes

Comedy/ Drama about seven london men who buy a racehorse

It is 1985. Thatcher is in power, Sade is on the radio and the print workers have gone on strike. But nothing, not even a size eight earthquake will ever put a dampener on seven close friends - Thimble, Gudger, Osh, Fred the Shoe, Dave, Alfie and Bax - meeting every Sunday in their regular South London pub for alcohol and free flowing banter of the highest order. It is at one of these sessions that a man approaches their table and asks the most intriguing question - does anyone here want to buy a racehorse? From that simple but surreal question unfolds the story of "THE MUMPER", the tale of seven firm friends who embark on a unique journey.

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