+20% agent

I shot a commercial last month. Contract said buyout amount +20% agent.
I took that to mean they pay me the amount they said AND the agent 20% of that in addition to. (For example £6000 +20% agent means £6000 to me and £1200 to agent)
However I got paid today and agent took 20% off the amount to himself (plus taxes on top of that). So I get roughly £4638

These are just example amounts.

I would have thought it would say "-20% agent" if his commision was coming out of my pay.

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Hi Daniel.
Best to check this out with Equity, I think.
All the best.

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Yh do check with Equity, but I believe you are right, as my friend got an advert with similar wording and it was £20,000 + 20% agent and at the time he was unrepresented so got £24,000.

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Hi Daniel,

Does your agent definitely take 20% on all bookings? Some commercial agents take 33% (crazy I know). I once did a 'big' commercial that paid 20% on top, but as my agent takes 33% it actually worked out that 20% came out of my fee (I was initially baffled and didn't understand the maths until I sat down with a calculator). Apologies if this info is irrelevant to your case. If your agent definitely only takes 20% then you absolutely have rights and should speak to Equity, as others have said.

Good luck!

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Usually the xx% agency fee is if TVC shot abroad etc to cover extra agency costs/currency conversion or other service they've provided to the production company, that would normally be swallowed by the production..this is "additional" to our fee.. its confusing I know.. but it is normally stated in the job offer.

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Speak to Equity, this is a type of double-dipping, in this case they've taken the 20% plus 20% from your paycheque. So at least 40%? Doesn't seem right at all.

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+20% agency commission means exactly that, your fee plus 20% for them, so if they’re taking that and 20% off you then I’d have a word…

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Perhaps the agent was also confused by the wording. Or perhaps the agent is double dipping...

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Sadly there's a lot of agents who basically double dip with the +20% gigs.

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