Agent Commission - Returning to industry

  • Donna Giffen


    Hi everyone

    I have been out of the industry for 11 years and am now returning, so things are quite a bit different from when I was active.

    I have an offer of representation with an agency I really connected with and feel good going forward with, but I am out of the loop re commission rates. The rates seem a little high, but I've searched online and found no guidelines on what average is and am not connected to anyone that can advise.

    Film & TV 20%

    Theatre 20%

    Commercial & Stills 25%

    VO/Radio 25%

    10% on anything under £100

    I was expecting maybe 5% less in each area. Is this the standard now?

    Thanks for your time and help :)


    • 21st Jul 2020
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  • Claudia Trentino


    Hi Donna,

    I know of you from the world of ZUMBA!

    Congratulations for getting an offer of representation!

    20% seems about right tbh.

    Although, I would say 25% is on the steep side.

    But, if you are happy and connected to this agency, why not go for it? There's so much competition for every job I personally would be happy to get out there with an agent I vibe with.

    Good luck going forward x

    • 7th Jul 2020
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  • User Deleted

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    These are higher than average, 15% is probably the most common percentage. 25% for commercials seems very high, yet some modelling agencies do take up to 33%. Not sure why you would be getting jobs for under £100 though that's below industry rates (unless its extra work). Also check if they take for work you find yourself.

    • 8th Jul 2020
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  • Suzanna Hughes


    I'd say it's normal. Mine is 20% across the board. If you're comfortable with them, that's really important and a good agent is hard to find. :-)

    • 9th Jul 2020
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  • Hannah Rees


    I work with a few agencies for presenting, acting and modelling and they are either 15% Or 20% .

    ...but if you like them, go for it. Nothing is permanent so if you don’t feel that they are bringing in the opportunities you can always go elsewhere. :)

    • 11th Jul 2020
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  • Donna Giffen


    Hi everyone

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I had a call with them the week I posted this to query, and turns out it's as I'm in one division right now only. But once I go across the board it all drops. I went with them, I connect with them well and the conversations and email communication are easy and open and feel good with them, a nice pairing for returning :)

    Thanks again


    • 21st Jul 2020
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