Looking for an agent only for TV,Film and Theatre

  • Arti Mirwani-Daltry


    Hello, I am an actor with a commercials agent and looking for a second agent that will be happy to only represent me for TV, Film and Theatre. I would so appreciate any good recommendations. Thanks:)

    • 28th Nov 2020
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  • Fiz Marcus


    I think that you will find it very difficult to get an agent who would not wish to also represent you for commercials, particularly at the moment when the vast majority of castings coming out are commercial castings. There is virtually no theatre and although film and TV jobs are happening they have their absolute pick of who to see. The majority of commercial castings go out to most agents, so I don't think that having one agent for everything would negatively affect your being seen for commercials.

    • 10th Nov 2020
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  • Paul Thomas


    I agree with Fiz. Most of the money agents make come from commercials (or long running musicals). If I were you, I'd try to get an agent that does all of it and then either drop the commercial agent or ask if both mind you being with them both for commercials (of course, they might well not want that).

    All the best,

    Paul Thomas

    • 11th Nov 2020
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  • Karanuday Jenjani


    Hi ,I m karanuday jenjani from India, I m a bollywood actor now settled in London,done almost 10 feature films and lot of ad films for big brands. I need an agent to promote me and my skills for films, television, modelling as an Asian artist from India.


    • 12th Nov 2020
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  • User Deleted

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    I am currently looking for agent representation in TV, Radio and Commercials etc. I was thrown into the limelight back in June as the BLM Protester who took to the Edward Colston plinth and whose image was used to create a statue by the artist Marc Quinn. So far, I have undertaken a presenting role, awaiting a commission for 60 min doc and a podcast. Any suggestions or recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thankyou

    • 12th Nov 2020
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  • Suzanna Hughes


    HI, Jen Reid, send me a message if you're still looking for rep. Your profile wouldn't let me send one to you.

    • 16th Nov 2020
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  • Mark Minshall


    Hello ,

    I am currently script reading play performance on various zooms .Apart from this I have the odd stint of work stewarding for Wembley ie tonight the 18th of Nov. at Wembley .

    I am enquiring as to whether I can attain a Covid incl style interview or what is suitable for representation of suggested agents to approach .

    I look forward to hearing from anyone whom has some source of info .

    Thank you

    Mark Minshall.

    • 18th Nov 2020
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  • Urska Rozman


    Hi, I am Urška from Slovenia. I currently study Musical theatre. I am currently looking for agent representation in TV, Radio and Commercials etc. I have acted in some Slovenian TV series. I would like to be given some new experience in English productions. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    • 28th Nov 2020
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