No Agent? don't worry.

  • Tony Coughlan


    For anybody who hasn't got an agent at the moment, or between agents (like me) don't worry it's not the be and end all, I get a lot of my work through my Facebook page and Twitter page as well as roles through Spotlight and here, just market yourself more, and learn another skill, a few actors just throw all there eggs in one basket, if you have another skill (mines video editing and graphic design) it takes away the low points in the acting world.

    Plus it will come to a point where agents chase you not the other way round.

    Try not to be on the downside of misfortune non agent actors best of luck to all actors for 2013.


    • 5th Jan 2013
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    Thanks for the sound advice. But I was just wondering, how is it you go about getting work through facebook? Are you friends with casting directors that post work onto their page?

    • 5th Jan 2013
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