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    Sorry if this sounds dumb but got to find out somehow! - Should there be some sort of contract with these films even though it's mostly unpaid or does it all go by verbal agreement that we receive a copy of the film?


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    Push for a contract. Make sure that your expenses and deferred options are included along with confirmation of format of finished film. Contracted hours would also be of benefit and any 'non-standard' clauses.

    The chances are they'll look at you like you're mental but the fact is that a bog standard contract can be found in any guerilla film makers handbook and on any number of websites. There is NO excuse for producers of LB films not to provide this.

    The fact that as performers we haven't insisted on contracts in the past means that, on occassions, we get ripped off. That needs to stop now and we need to stand up and let people know that we're not prepared to be messed around any more.

    I know Equity were looking at the whole LB situation last year. I don't know what happened, if anything, but it's down to us as performers to protect our rights. It's not just about making sure we get the financial benefits a contract brings but that the use of our performance is in line with whatever has been verbally agreed.

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  • Sally Beaumont


    This was very kindly emailed to me by dawn marie Wilkinson, on the site... it may be of use:


    The artist (legally known as ), (hereafter known as 'the artist') agrees to perform in the London Metropolitan University student film tentatively titled __________________________

    The producer ______________________, (hereafter known as 'the producer') agrees to provide a copy (as a Video/DVD or CD) of the completed film to the artist within 3 months of the date of shooting the film ___ / ___ / ___ .

    The producer agrees that if they fail to provide a copy of the completed film to the artist within the specified time frame, they will pay the sum of £100 to the artist for each day of recording in accordance with Equity rates.

    Producer Artist

    Signature ___________________ ___________________

    Print Name ___________________ ___________________

    Date ____________________ ___________________

    Producers Details :

    Address (Study and permanent)

    Contact Telephone (study and permanent)

    Email Address

    Course Name :

    Tutor Name :

    Send Completed Film to :



    Email Address

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    Please, Please do not do it without a contract.

    Get your agreement ALL in writing.

    I learned the hard way. I worked like a dog on a short film with the promise of travel expenses and a copy of the film in return, but I got neither.

    I rang equity but hadn't a leg to stand on because we had no contract.

    The lesson I learned was that it is all about your self respect as an actor.

    Have standards and let no one walk all over you.

    Don't do any work for anyone unless you see the script first (as mentioned on the other thread) & that everything is above board to begin with. If you are doing something for free, then make damn sure that there is something in it for you. You are auditioning them too!

    Don't be a slave to the work that comes along, or you will find that you will be mistreated.

    Take back your Power & Trust no one.


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  • Lily Lou Karrouze


    Thanks so much for the advice, otherwise I'm sure I would've got messed around as I'm far too trusting!

    x x

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