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  • Neil Gallagher

    Voice Over:English

    hi guys, any thoughts on the cover letter? i hate writing it as having had not many jobs i dont know how to make it sound good. as the "Pros* will always seem to get the job, as they have lots to say, im trying to start and not sound bad

    • 1st Dec 2020
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  • Ruth Urquhart

    Voice Over:Scottish

    Keep it brief but start by saying who you are, put a recent work includes: or summarised relevant experience and then if you have sent a custom audition say something about that if relevant (e.g.: I have done two takes, one in a South African accent, one in Brummie (or whatever!)) Finish by saying something about yourself like 'Im easy tp work with or take direction well' and a best wishes or even a Covid pertinent 'keep safe'

    • 3rd Sep 2020
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  • Richard Jones

    Voice Over:Welsh

    I guess being enthusiastic and saying how hard you'll work is unacceptable for Mandy. I've done alot of auditions but not had one single bit of feedback on the half that did get listened to. The ease of submission is one thing I think Mandy is good for but otherwise I think they just look at your list of experience before considering you or giving a chance for experience haha.

    • 7th Sep 2020
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  • Stephen Small

    Voice Over:English

    Hey Neil,

    I usually put something along these lines:

    Good afternoon {company},

    Thanks for posting this casting call.

    I'm a British Voice Actor with a versatile, friendly and distinctive voice. I'd love to help you make a success of your project, and think I'd prove an asset to you.

    Please find my demo of your provided script attached. If I can be of service please let me know.

    With regards,

    Steve Small

    I don't know if it is my cover letter that has worked, or not as I've never had any feedback on it - just got the job, or didn't

    • 11th Sep 2020
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  • Teresa-may Whittaker

    Voice Over:English

    I’m in a slightly unique position of being both talent and caster, so have seen a wide variety of approaches to writing a cover letter.

    Ruth is spot on in what she said - keep it brief and keep it relevant.. If it’s a VO job, it’s not pertinent to tell us that you’ve won awards at burlesque dancing or street performing as it bears no relation on your ability to self-direct a VO script based on a given brief. I’ve made the above examples up, but we’ve had every creative accolade possible mentioned in the various cover letters we’ve received.

    I think the most crucial piece of information you can give is if you’ve recorded the provided script (or generic demo if no script is available) in the studio space you would use if you were to be chosen for the project. This gives the casters not only an idea of your voice, but also the suitability of your home studio, which in CV-19 times is pretty important.

    If I’ve heard a really great (for the project) voice with poor audio quality I immediately read the CL and if they state they are away from their home/studio short term then they will still get short-listed - if there is poor audio (despite a great voice), without explanation in the CL then (very) regrettably they don’t make the cut.

    Oh, additionally, we will only provide a 30sec script as we believe this is enough to make a decision, but if you decide to give multiple takes make sure the first one is the best! Being a VOA myself (knowing how hard this industry is), I feel obliged to listen to the first and final second of every audition submitted and I very often find where multiple takes are given that the best take is either the second or third take. Im not sure other casters (who aren’t also a ‘talent’), take this approach, so be sure to submit the closest to the brief first and alternative takes second and third etc - this is great info for a CL too!

    And whilst I’m on my soap box, this is a small but irksome detail - please (please), don’t write ‘dear sir’s’ at the start of your CL! Female casters exist just as much (if not more), than male casting directors, so play safe and write “dear team’ , ‘dear casters’ - even ‘to whom it may concern’! Anything other than assume the gender of the person in charge of the potential booking!

    • 11th Sep 2020
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  • Ricky Zalman

    Voice Over:English

    This is super handy and very useful post - thanks Teresa-may! :)

    • 14th Sep 2020
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  • Cassandra Scott

    Voice Over:English

    As a newbie to Mandy (and VO work), these responses re the 'cover letter' were most useful. I include my email and mobile number (which is not public) and finish off with a 'thank you'. Could also be useful to say that you could do a 24hr turnaround...

    • 18th Sep 2020
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  • Raquel Johnson

    Voice Over:English

    Thank you this is very useful as I am new to vo as well.

    • 20th Sep 2020
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  • Declan McHugh

    Voice Over:English

    Excellent advice Teresa-may

    • 25th Nov 2020
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  • David Onwubalili

    Voice Over:English

    Super useful nuggets there. Thanks

    • 1st Dec 2020
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