Duologues for women

  • Lizzie Kempson


    Hello All,

    I'm hoping that you might be able to help me! I am performing in an acting showcase in May and i need to find some good, short, duologues for women, age 18-28 either comic or dramatic.

    if any one has any good suggestions please let me know!

    Many Thanks


    • 23rd May 2005
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  • Jessica Plant


    Theres a good dualogue between Estelle and Ines in 'No Way Out (Huis Clos)'. There's a fair few to choose from in there, but the one near the beginning where Ines is coming on to Estelle is my particular favourite. There's lots of scope to either play it dramatically, or comedic - it's very open to interpretation

    Huis Clos comes under many different names 'In Camera', 'No Exit', 'No Way Out' there's probably others. It's by Jean Paul Sartre.

    Good luck :-)

    • 1st Jun 2006
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  • User Deleted

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    Sarah Daniels is a really good play writer for women. There are some fantastic speeches to choose from.

    • 1st Jun 2006
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