Full script reads for auditions

  • Matt Jamie

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    I'm noticing quite a few castings where the client is asking for a full script read (sometimes a dense side or more of A4) for their casting. At the risk of sounding lazy I feel that for an initial casting this amount of work is not needed.

    There's the question of protecting our work (if we send off a complete perfect recording someone could just use that as it is - though I'm aware that's unlikely).

    But also the vocal quality/tone/style of delivery for say an educational voiceover, will be pretty clear from one paragraph of text as it would for 9 paragraphs.

    Also recording, editing, and uploading 4 or 5 such auditions in a day is, basically, a days work.

    Would anyone else agree that clients should be encouraged to send "sample scripts" rather than enitre pieces? Or shall I just pipe down and crack on...

    Matt Jamie

    • 16th Jul 2020
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  • Helen Bolitho

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    Hi Matt,

    I agree with what you say.

    My feeling is that it would be great if P2P’s request clearly in their t’s & c’s that clients don’t ask for a full read and/ or limit the number of words for sample scripts. That way we’re not in the position of having to decide whether or not to do as prompted (and potentially losing work if we don’t fulfil the audition brief).

    A short sample of up to a minute max for long-form and 30 seconds for most other projects should be totally sufficient in my mind.

    Best wishes,


    • 18th May 2020
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  • Shelley Anderson-Tahiri

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    Hi Matt

    I know I am new to this business but I agree. Some texts can be lengthy and I am sure a client can get the idea of an audition with a shorter sample.

    As you say, the preparation, recording and editing takes time, it's definately not laziness.

    All the best


    • 18th May 2020
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  • Rhys Jennings

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    I totally agree Matt. In fact, I said exactly this on another thread here a few days ago. I believe Mandy should be actively encouraging and advising employers to ask for a short sample initially.

    I'd have no issue recording a longer sample if I was then shortlisted, but it seems like a monumental waste of everyone's time to be requesting a two minute audition from everyone under the sun, when I'm pretty certain they only listen to the first ten seconds of most of them.

    • 18th May 2020
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  • Don McCorkindale

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    I agree with you all. It should be a no brainer. Most other sites also advise leaving out a line or two in case of theft, cos that's what it is.

    • 18th May 2020
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  • Vicky Holding

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to chip in and say that I totally agree with you. There have been a couple of very lengthy demo scripts recently, along with the usual shorter samples (which seem a better way of getting a feel of voices quickly).

    I have to say that I have only been sending sample recordings of the longer scripts (several paragraphs instead of a whole A4 side, for example), as I am wary of whole script recording files being used...

    • 18th May 2020
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  • Erol Birced

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    Hello all!

    I am happy to see that I am not the only one that thinks this - I have recently applied to an audition which asked for a read of the whole script. I sent over a read of the first paragraph (as it was almost a minute by itself), as I was wary of the full script read to be used.

    When I first started auditioning, I did not put much thought into it and simply applied to everything I could – then I realised that I could not apply to more than four auditions a day if they asked for full scripts instead of samples, making it just that tiny bit sadder when I did not hear back from them.

    I hope that moderators and developers of Mandy can see this forum and implement some way to encourage employers to ask for samples instead of full scripts.

    Erol Birced

    • 19th May 2020
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  • David Sargent

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    I am of the view that if a potential employer is asking for a very long sample script then they either A) Don't know what they are doing or B) It could be more sinister. I saw one recently which required 2 dense sides of A4. This was obviously the entire script. The clients idea was to choose the best one and use that! To be honest I left that one well alone. It was for £70 and I thought it was an outrageous liberty.

    • 8th Jun 2020
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  • Rhys Jennings

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    Dear Mandy. I am glad to hear this has been acted upon. Good for you. I hope it leads to a more pleasant and refined experience for both VOAs and employers alike. Thank you for listening.


    • 8th Jun 2020
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  • Matt Jamie

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    Yes thank you to the admin team for updating their advice to clients. Much appreciated. Matt

    • 8th Jun 2020
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  • Carla de Wansey

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    Yup, late to this post from Matt, but 'I've noticed script reads have been getting LONGER and LONGER..so I'm glad you pointed it out and potential clients are now aware.....

    • 17th Jun 2020
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  • Jon Paul

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    This is and was a must needed item to be addressed.

    Thank you mandy for sorting htis out so rapidly... but may i ask, what can we do with regards to possible theft of our talents and time?

    Just wanted to know specifically regarding the support from this network.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    Jon Paul.

    • 22nd Jun 2020
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  • Jordan Whitby

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    Hi Everyone,

    I recommend leaving the last few lines out or changing the brand name to prevent usage. A lot of auditions are asking for full scripts but I don’t think that’s necessary.

    We deserve to be paid for the work we do not taken advantage of.

    • 16th Jul 2020
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