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Lara Copcutt

Returning to acting and just wanted some advice. When applying for a job where they want you to record their script for the part...
Do you need to learn the lines or is it acceptable to read and act them at the same time. Don’t want to miss out on jobs if everyone is learning then and I’m reading them

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The common stance for all screen stuff now is be off book

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I would say it's almost impossible to act to the required standard whilst reading. Of course, readings are completely different, because there you're not expected to act as such, but when you're supposed to be listening and reacting, giving the idea of the performance you propose for the part, then it's an uncommon actor indeed who can pull it off the script on first reading. Of course, it's always possible to familiarise yourself with the script and then self-direct, as it were - but even then, having to refer to script for the exact lines isn't going to win the part, in most cases, let alone an award. Certainly, if you've only just seen the script and they want to see it yesterday, then the casting director would factor that in - but would you really want to work with such unprofessional people anyway?

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I always consider audition acting and acting in the booked job completely different. One of the best tips I’ve ever gotten is when learning lines prep with the piece. Not just learning the lines bit finding out what the characters motivation is.

Go through the lines and write down the first letter of each line. That will help you memorise is better and give you a more flowing natural performance for the self tape. Which means you can concentrate more on the performance and less on those dreaded words.

T :)

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Lara Copcutt

Great, thanks for all the advice

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