Male Monologue with good emotional range.

  • Matthew Wolstenholme



    I am looking for a monologue, which perhaps isn't in your typical monologue books,but something a bit different and out there.

    However the piece must have emotional range.

    My playing age is 25. I am after a piece that is mature.

    Does anyone know any monologues from plays that can help me!?

    • 14th Dec 2012
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  • Alex Oyston


    Hi Matthew,

    I once performed this for a casting showcase, and got some auditions/work out of it. It definitely has emotional range, which can be played on as much or as little as you like.

    I cut a few bits out to make it shorter/less wordy, but in general there's a lot of power, bitterness and despair to it, which is lots of fun to experiment with.

    Hope it's of some help.



    • 13th Oct 2012
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  • Graham Cheadle


    Have you considered writting your own, that way you will understand the character and you can build into it different emotions to show case you acting ability

    • 14th Dec 2012
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  • Ian Winter


    I agree writing your own is the way.

    • 14th Dec 2012
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