Seeking representation

  • Christopher Ranaldi


    Hello there,

    My name is Christopher Ranaldi, i’m 22 years old actor living in Dublin.

    I trained at the Gaiety school of acting in Dublin, Identity school of acting in London and study abroad (trough numerous workshop/masterclass) in different schools.

    I have learnt and improve my skills as an actor. I seek representation because I want to step up in my career.

    I started in few student movies, theatre projects and I had few lines in the new series tv Foundation by Apple TV.

    Originally from South America, I can speak three different languages and accents;




    As I say I’m a Dublin based actor, I will love have the opportunity to meet some Agent from my city.

    Thanks for the time.

    [email protected]

    Kind Regards


    • 30th Nov 2020
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  • Isah Abdullah


    any luck?

    • 28th Nov 2020
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  • Tracey Collis


    I am an English speaking actress who immigrated from Cape Town.,South Africa to France. Which agencies in Paris represent English actors?

    • 30th Nov 2020
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