Breaking In The Movie Business

  • Aj Mallardi

    Director (News)

    Hello everyone,

    How does someone break into the business of movies, without having movie experience? I've edited, directed, and have some videography under my belt, but that was at a news station so it's a different beast. I know it helps to know people, but I just moved to Las Vegas and don't know anyone. If the situation is right, I can work in LA, as well. I'm willing to "pay dues" and understand that I'll have to work as a PA and such to move up. But how do I get my foot in the door for some work? Any applications I've put in at production companies haven't been answered. And I'm guessing it's due to my lack of movie experience, even though I know a little bit of everything. I also don't have any equipment of my own to make my own content. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Hope you all have a wonderful day.

    • 24th Dec 2019
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