finding a production company

  • Katherine McGowan


    I'm brand new to this industry so I apologize in advance for not knowing a lot of the basics. Recently, I've written a script for the pilot episode for a TV show. I've been looking at production companies to fund the project, but I'm not sure where to look. So far I've gone on linkedin, but many production companies won't accept pitches on that website. What is a good way to connect with multiple production companies in the hopes of getting something going?

    • 21st Dec 2020
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  • Kaitlyn Parker-Wallen

    Line Producer

    Check out independent film production companies. Most are not interested unless you already have investors attached

    • 10th Dec 2020
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  • Amiya Bardon

    Camera Assistant

    Or find a like-minded, independent producer to help you get the pilot shot on a small budget - You may have to fund it yourself or with a partner. I've noticed writers participate in writer's competitions to build their credibility as well to get noticed! Good luck!

    • 14th Dec 2020
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  • Kat VanCleave

    Production Designer

    I agree with the gals above. Most companies are risk averse and look at pilots as proofs of concept before they shell out the money especially if there isn't named talent attached. I would look for a smaller company initially that are willing to help you develop & fund raise. It's also helpful to get a director attached to start creating a vision and pitch deck to give potential investors something tangible to review! Good luck & congrats on the script!

    • 21st Dec 2020
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