How do i explain a large time gap in my acting credits?

Hi Everyone

I became a premium member of Mandy yesterday, very happy to be here and to have completed my profile.

I'm very self conscious though, about how i did not do acting between 2013, when i graduated, to 2019 when i got my first amateur stage role. There are many reasons why I was not active those six years, involving problems with family/mental health/finance/accommodation. I do not think it is appropriate say anything in my profile, but i can't help but think it is a red flag, that there is such a large gap.

Am i worrying too much? or Is there a way I can approach this if it is a problem?


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Fahad Salman

Hey Robbie, I hope your well, please don’t worry, you don’t have to explain anything unless you want to or if a director or casting director asks you the reason.

The main thing is you have headshots and your showreel and just start applying for work and build your CV, and enjoy your work. That’s the most important thing.

Wishing you the very best of luck with everything. Keep your head, keep positive and get to work. And step by step. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Keep applying, keep finding work, keep building your CV, keep working on your showreel.

And let the world know about your talents. Step by step. And don’t think too much. Many actors take breaks then come back. I have actor friends which quit for years then decided they miss acting and came back and it’s a longer gap then you.

So get to work bro.

Take care and good luck

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Hi Fahad

That's good to know, thanks for being so clear but also encouraging.

Take care and good luck to you also.

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Fahad Salman

Your most welcome my friend, god bless and good luck. Anytime :)

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Tony Packham

Hi there Robbie

I’m not sure it really matters if you have a gap in your resume, since most (if not all) directors only care about whether you can act or not.

There are plenty of well established actors and performers in general out there that have gaps in their resume, but this isn’t a regular line of work we’re all in let’s not forget.

It’s not the same thing as say going to the job centre and being asked the same thing, this is a very competitive business that has a process like no other.

So like Fahad said here, I wouldn’t worry too much.

Good luck in your acting journey bud.

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Thanks Tony, well said, good luck to you also.

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Hi Robbie,
I too have a substantial gap in my CV- I took a nine year break from the industry to work at a casting platform and decided that I needed to go back as I missed it so much. Lots of people take breaks because of children, family, finances etc so I wouldn't worry! Most people have gaps in their CV now because of Covid too so I think everyone is very understanding of it.
Best wishes!

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Thankyou Holly, well said, best wishes too.

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