Online Acting Courses & Costs debate

  • Ameen Jabbar


    I was looking at online courses and my gut was CSSD. Also, to mention I did enroll on the Intro to Acting course to hone the foundations (I have done acting lessons 1 year at Act Up North 2 weeks LAMDA screen and been an SA for 5 years) But then I opted out when I was told that this is to do with stage work which I am not really interested in, only screen. However, when I looked around for online screen camera courses I found that CSSD's £250-275 prices were a little dear City Academy, Scottish conservatory is around £160-180 for the same and I noticed that all online tutors are working practitioners regardless where the school is from and all with experience. What would CSSD offer on a online acting course for the £100+ price difference and same duration compared to cheaper alternatives like the Scottish Conservatoire and City Academy? Would their name make a difference, or maybe just higher rent/fees. Is it deemed worth the difference in cost. And how would these courses really justify the expense?

    • 2nd Oct 2020
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