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Daniel Hagan
Sound Technician

It seems all recruitment agencies seem to focus on are jobs within recruiting/sales, when it can easily be seen on all my profiles I am interested in Live Sound/Audio Production.

Anybody else in the same boat struggling to find a full time job within this area? Would be nice to know I'm not the only one in this position!

P.S. Only came across this site a few days ago, and already it shows more potential than sites such as Reed, Indeed, LinkedIn etc. which I have been using daily for months!

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Daniel Hagan
Sound Technician

Thanks for the reply Michael. Honestly whenever I see a random number pop up on my phone I get so excited assuming it's a reply for a potential music job, when in reality it's someone called Ben from a graduate recruitment agency asking if I'd love to work in a commission only role!

I haven't actually looked that into the film/TV side of things in my job search, will definitely give that a look into.

Do you know of any agencies who deal directly with graduates like us who want to go into this area?

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Charles Parry
Sound Operator

It isn't really an agency industry. It is all word of mouth, luck, getting in with people and getting hired back. Has taken me 3 years from graduating to really start making a living from it. Only thing I can suggest is a Facebook page called The Audio Cartel, full of UK theatre noise boys and job postings occasionally appear.

You could try contacting producers directly, friends have had good responces from just emailing CVs and asking if they need anyone.

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