Acting is a Job or a Passion???

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I just want to see what you think?

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Keith Hill

As time has gone by, I tend not so often to run into people who say silly things, or regard it a trivial. My family all think I am mad but have settled for it, and the day-jobs find it quite fun and are really interested in what it's like. When I tell them what the working conditions are really like for most of us, some of them look at me sorrowfully, and say they would never put up with it, but understand why I need them to make allowances for my sporadic unavailability.

The acid tests to my mind:
I put several times more work and thought into a couple of hours of this than I ever did into a day of anything else.

Going to work scares me but I get off on it. The dayjob used to scare me, and make me throw up.

Couple of years ago, when a cheque bounced,I offered to find a full time job again. The wife's reaction: 'Under no [email protected]@@ing circumstances. You'd be unbearable. I'd leave.'

Passion, most people have, about something or someone, some time. I am beginning to wonder if this actually works out to be more like an addiction. Certainly, it can make one very selfish if one lets it; but the wonderful thing is that you can get control of it and repay the people that matter for all their often silent and suffering support, and the pain of watching us suddenly open up as soon as we are working with other people we may never even have met before: (btw, just look at the language that came out there- very addictive psychology).

Like one earlier poster I had a career break, and though I went a bit silly when I came back,I did find it a good bit easier to get a sense of proportion, and already I am beginning to choose a bit more what to go for, to ensure that the results are good nough to justify what everyone has had to go through.

Call it a passion if you like. You're being polite. It's involuntary, unpredictable, and instinctual, and it has to be 'handled', but it can be given the right tools/attitude. That sound very like an addiction to me.

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Helen Belbin

For me it's more of a case of: I've never seriously considered anything else! Ever since school it's something I've been working on and striving towards with mixed levels of success at different stages.
It can be a bit annoying when people ask you what you do but I gnerally find that they are really intersted and impressed that you're willing to work so hard in such a competative market and humble yourself with a temp job (usually quite a 'low' position in the company). Most common reaction is "I could never put myself through that!" I've found friends and family to be incredibly supportive, maybe I'm lucky.
Also it's difficult when you're living like a student while your peers are getting promotions and mortgages but I always tell myself that I know the deal and I've chosen this path.
It has to be a job that you're passionate about if you're going to make it work long term. No point in 'passionately' working for nothing all your life, otherwise it's a hobby.

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Nathan Head

I think in most cases, it is the people who act as a hobby that give the "biz" the bad rep.

I know that every time i have not been taken seriously, i find out it normally roots back to the person i was talking to knowing someone who am-drams as a pastime twice a month. i don't mean anything bad against am-dram, i just think its this "stereotype" that has been put in people's minds.

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Toni Brooks

At a recent murder mystery event one of the clients asked me 'why do you do this then' to which I replied 'I'm an actress, it's money, and I enjoy it.' She seemed quite surprised :-))

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