• Gerri Sullivan


    My name is Gerri Lynn Sullivan. Im looking for an agent to help me advance my career.


    Gerri Sullivan

    • 30th Jul 2020
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  • Jamone Ceaser


    Looking for an agent who can deal with a country Louisiana fellow. I'm that person you looking for.

    • 1st Mar 2020
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  • Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson


    Hello, I am a non-union, sag-eligible female, age range 55-65, based in Los Angeles with Television, Film, Improv and Commercial Credits on IMDB and experienced.

    I am a regular on the DharMann Videos that get over 1 Billion views & have over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo & Instagram. here is a link to one of those videos: Cut & paste onto YouTube

    Please view my clips and consider to represent me for Grandma, Mother, Best Friend etc roles. Thank you for your consideration.

    • 2nd Mar 2020
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  • User Deleted

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    Hello My name is Omari "RebelAmore" Brown I'm a multifaceted genuine authentically honest and a very tenacious goal achiever I'm an Actor, musician, model and a aspiring role model and life motivator I'm looking to acquire and obtain an agent and phenomenal Agency company that will help be the driving force expanding me and my magical influential talents as I live to exemplify my passions through Art giving birth to new life inventiveness in all my endeavors thanks you for consideration.

    • 13th Mar 2020
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  • Christopher Braue


    I’m seeking representation to further my career. I’m 30 years old, 20-30 age range. 6’1”, 160lbs, slim athletic build. I’m extremely driven, and I am looking for an agent that is equally driven to help me in my pursuit. I’ll give you 150% every single day.

    • 30th Jul 2020
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