Drop in evening courses in London

Hello and good morning all!

Can anyone recommend a weekly Meisner, scene study or improv class in the London area that takes place on weekday evenings? I'm currently doing a scene study class at Mixing networks one evening a week but I want something in addition to keep me focused. I'm looking for something around the advanced or professional level.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Lace,
Have you looked at City Lit? I did a couple of acting courses, including Improv with them on weekday evenings. They were only 6 weeks but not drop in - so you have to pay for the course in advance.
Hope that helps!

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Thanks Vanessa. I'll look into this.

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Cici Clarke

Hoopla Improv for Improv, Stephen Buckwald for Meisner and scene study and Run At It Shouting for Strasbourgy type stuff!

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