Film/Tv management, who or what department to engage/network ?

  • Brendan Casey

    Technical Adviser

    I have extensive experience in the Automotive and Defence sectors, working for small start ups to the biggest companies in the world, producing one off prototype vehicles to small scale production runs (100s)

    Looking for any help or advice re any possible film/tv work, management structure etc who to speak to, art director, prop department etc who do I pitch to?

    • 7th Mar 2020
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  • John Ryder

    Writer / Director

    Hi Brendan,

    If my two cents is worth anything I would try and talk to some SFX and prop building companies as they are most likely to be the sub contractors for this kind of specialist work. Also maybe Prop hire houses or armourers.

    Type "film armoury" into google and it gets you a handful of companies that might be a good start.



    • 7th Mar 2020
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