How do you approach if a potential client asks to meet up but you don't know what is this about?

  • Pete Polyakov

    Visual Effects Artist

    I always had this question. How ask politely - what is this meeting going to be about or could we jump on the phone call instead?

    • 3rd Apr 2020
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  • Kevin Andersen

    Director of Photography

    I’ll bet you are free and clear in this environment to insist on a phone or FaceTime meeting no matter what it may be about.

    • 1st Apr 2020
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  • Brian Neubauer


    I completely agree. Don't be shy about asking what the subject is for. We have become to complacent with the email culture and not the traditional writing of a letter. We have allowed the idea that headhunters and producers can approach you for "information" and not any sort of real substance for the work. We need to say, "give me some details about what you want to meet about, I will consider then if I want to meet with you."

    • 3rd Apr 2020
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