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Good afternoon,

I have been applying for jobs over the course of three weeks now without having my profile "complete" - I have no agent. Are employers not able to see my applications without my profile being "complete"?

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Hello Barbara

Have you tried just writing the word Independent in the agent box area? Try that and see if it works? Good luck


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Hi Barbara,
It shouldn't make a difference I don't think as I don't have my agent on my profile but I can see if my applications have been looked at. Go to Jobs, my applications and then go to 'order by view date' and press search... this should show whether your application has been viewed. I doubt it will have anything to do with whether you have an agent on your profile though, sometimes, they look well after the expiry date as I saw on a couple of mine recently.
All the best, Vanessa

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Hi All,
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Hi All,
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