Is Anyone out there?

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    I'm a set designer/ Scenic artist living in London, I used to live in BC and may go back someday so thought i'd join and I've got to say I'm pretty surprised at how few people are on this site compared to the UK...Perhaps members over in Canada could advertise or just tell more people about it as it is a really successful way to network in England?? any thoughts?

    • 20th Jul 2020
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  • Lee Wilson


    You can say that again. I signed up thinking it would be a great place to network and chat.

    • 1st Mar 2009
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  • Cailyn Arnot

    Stage Manager

    The word will get out there eventually. People are probably more person to person communication.

    • 19th Mar 2009
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  • Tracy-Lynn Chernaske

    Scenic Artist

    Hey I've gotta agree with you there, I wish more people would use this site for job postings at least. It's benificial for all of us and great formatting, it's nice to be able to send someone a link that shows off a few photos as well as a online resume!

    • 8th Aug 2009
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    Hello! Just posted my profile up here.

    • 5th May 2010
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    well lets start this networking game then.

    Im Brian Britton. Working on many projects in BC.

    Who is out there and what is it that you do?

    • 31st Jan 2011
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  • Lisa DesGroseilliers

    Sound Designer

    I agree. I love to be able to send potential directors, contacts, employers, etc... a link so they can see what I have done. I have used the site as a resume a few times too.

    I am kind of surprised that the 2 or 3 jobs I have applied for on this site were not in Canada though, but in a foreign country. It would be cool to be able to find national work...

    I have gotten a couple of my theatre friends to put their info up here, so it is a start I am hoping.

    I am Lisa Desgroseilliers, and I am also from London. I compose and operate sound for theatre. I would like to eventually get into composing for television and film. I am also looking to eventually move to either Toronto or Ottawa.

    • 1st Feb 2011
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    Hi My Name is Bryce I am a technician in sudbury. I would love to see more posting on this site. I feel that as an industry we are to word of mouth about work. I would love to travel to do some contract work but I have a hard time meeting people out side my city.

    I hope this site to get bigger especially in the technology driven world we are in now.

    Break a leg everyone.

    • 18th Feb 2011
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    Hi my name is Tim. I'm a Sound Engineer from Queenstown NewZealand and will be in BC from april and looking for work..any leads would be greatly appreciated

    • 27th Jan 2014
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  • James Tooby


    I also thought it would be a great place to network for jobs, I am a tech, for T.O. Hope to meet more people. Take care

    • 10th Feb 2014
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  • Bryan Batty

    Lighting Technician

    Hey all,

    B.C. here! Head Electrician for a Theatre here in Toronto!

    • 19th Feb 2014
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  • Cameron Fraser

    Video Designer

    Hello! I am a projection designer that lives in Vancouver BC, looking to make more connections! I am heavily involved in the circus community but am looking to branch out to other communities as well! Trained in theatre production and design at the University of Victoria.

    • 13th May 2014
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    Hi, I'm a Company Stage Manager mainly touring in the UK. I am planning on moving to Canada and trying to work out the best place to find information on stage management jobs. Any help would be appreciated.

    • 2nd Jul 2014
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  • Erin Linn McMullan


    Hi, my name is Erin and I've been a professional writer for two decades but am an emerging playwright and director. I'm completing my MFA in screenwriting at UBC and recently worked as story editor on the new IMAX Humpback Whales 3D movie coming out this month. I also worked as a technician and as a writer/editor/researcher in the Toronto film industry. I'm currently in Kamloops BC and looking for work.

    • 4th Feb 2015
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  • Jennifer Steele

    Sound Engineer

    Hi All,

    My name is Jennifer Steele and I am a freelance audio engineer/tech currently looking for work (and to relocate) within Canada. I have a Certificate in Recording from NSCC, and studied abroad in England at Staffordshire University, earning my BSc in Music Technology with Management. I learned about the UK site while over there, and I would love to see this community as large as theirs! :)

    • 29th Mar 2016
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  • Ryan Webber

    Video Designer


    My name is Ryan and I am a video/projection designer. I also work a lot with interactive-art installation.

    Video tracking controlled real-time effects and projection mapping are elements I have a special focus on. Design and programming are at the heart of all my work.

    I am located in Hamilton Ontario Canada.

    Hopefully this site helps me meet more theatre folk :)

    • 20th Jul 2020
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