Just wanted to say hi!

  • Yousaf Ahmed / YSFVideos

    Video Editor

    I'm new-ish to Mandy, and I just wanted to introduce myself. My name's Yousaf (prefer to be known as YSFVideos) on here. I work as a video editor and i'm interested in meeting some people on here.

    • 1st Sep 2020
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  • Laura Irvine

    Production Manager

    Hi Yousaf,

    Let me be the first to say Hi and welcome

    • 10th Jul 2020
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  • User Deleted

    This profile has been archived

    Hi Yousaf, I’m Giuseppe, also new-ish in Mandy. I’m also video Editor and DoP.

    • 14th Jul 2020
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  • Nate Jones



    I've just started to properly sort out my profile. Nice to meet you

    • 15th Aug 2020
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  • Cal Graham

    Sound Designer

    Hey, Welcome to Mandy Crew! Good luck for your future and your career

    • 17th Aug 2020
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  • Christopher Barnes

    Script Writer

    Documentary Writer available in RH19

    Christopher Barnes on MANDY.COM


    • 1st Sep 2020
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