• James Thorne


    My bad habit is when leaving a film set, I take a keepsake, requested of course. Most times it’s a prop that I held, like a beer bottle from The 12th House, my first short. I have two Mulberry Law toothpicks, a fake $100 bill, both items stashed away in my Jevi Henchman while covered by my pair of Melody panties. I aspire to one day bring home a flame thrower.

    Most times It’s a piece of wardrobe, far too many I purchased for my roles, LOL. My prize possession is an old leather jacket an unexpected and more than welcomed gift at the end of All the Little Angles. Thanks for the jacket Bro.

    My question is, do you partake in the quest for mementos?

    And if so, what feelings do you experience from them?

    I even keep every script or sides shared with me; I revisit my characters to see how much I've grown.

    James Thorne

    • 25th Nov 2020
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