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  • Oscar Espino


    Hey all!

    The name is Oscar (DP) and I recently relocated to the NorthEast and now I gotta make new connections. Please feel free to post reels and recent projects on this Forum if you're local to the area. I know Covid did a number on the freelance world but things are slowly turning so let's get back into it with

    • 18th Sep 2020
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  • Phan-Anh Nguyen


    Hey Oscar, hope you're doing well. I'm a recent graduate looking forward to learn.

    • 8th Aug 2020
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  • Andre Correa

    Sound Mixer

    Hello Oscar,

    I'm working on a Doc series in RI and MA area. I'd love to meet up and grab a cup of coffee if you're free. Warm Regards.


    • 21st Aug 2020
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  • Carlos Morales

    Broadcast Engineer

    Welcome to the Northeast Oscar! Hope you are staying safe and healthy out there specially when making that money. COVID-19 has really done a number in all our lives (myself included). Like Oscar mentioned, I would love to meet up and see if we could work together in the near future. I live in NYC by the way.


    • 1st Sep 2020
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  • Rhiannon Hastings

    Make-up Artist

    Hello Oscar! I'm a makeup artist whose located up in the Hudson valley area of NY. About to head out on a production next week, that was postponed during the whole lockdown. Feel free to look up Umbra Sound Stage that is located in Newburgh, NY. They wrapped up last year the HBO limited series,"This I Know Is Much Is True".

    I'll provide some of my links:



    Instagram: @rhimagine_makeup

    Linkedin: @reh487

    • 16th Sep 2020
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  • Eily Jones

    Production Assistant

    Hi Oscar!

    I live in Rhode Island and am finishing school in New York and have experience on set and in post production. I specialize in editing, camera operation and lighting. I always love to learn and gain more experience and would love to work with you and anyone on the East Coast! I've included my reel and LinkedIn for reference!




    • 18th Sep 2020
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