Panto wages?

  • Matt Sheahan



    I am just looking for a bit of advice. I am in contact with a producer regarding panto work this year and they have asked me to reply with a list of things, amongst which they have asked for my salary for three weeks inclusive.

    I have never done panto before and don't have a clue about what to expect but don't want to sound out of the loop. Any ideas or suggestions as to what to expect?

    Many Thanks

    Paul x

    • 13th Mar 2007
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  • Blake J Askew



    It depends on who the producer is really. Certainly if they are asking you to provide your own requirements for money etc- it seems a bit weird to me as most professional companies know what to pay.

    You should most definitely INSISI upon the Equity minimum of 350 quid a week. This is an agreed aggragate and most legit companies agree to this.

    However, if you are doing panto in schools and small scale touring, its almost definite you wont get any more than 250 a week.

    I am surprised that they are asking you to lay out your own salary requirements. might be an idea to approach Equity with this and see what their repsonse is. My gut feel is that they are trying to screen you for a salary and on that, with no expectation on your part on what to expect, will screw you over. Its happened to me before.

    Go to equity IMMEDIATELY and get the rates from them. Also check the company is not in the Special Attention list in the Equity magazine- and do a google search on the company.

    Put the companys name in another Thread and ask people who have worked with them to PM you with their experiences.

    • 12th Mar 2007
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  • David Sullivan


    Yeah it does sound a bit dodgy. Panto companies normally start looking for celebrity names within the next month or two and look for other parts at the end of the summer into September and October. Unless you're a celebrity know body is going to sign for panto this early in the year. Even for touring panto in schools companies don't start looking until the summer for touring in the autumn term.

    • 13th Mar 2007
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