Price of a DOP?

Sean Sadler

Hello I am looking for a DOP for a LGBT film next summer and was wondering what the rough rate is based on peoples experience. Feel free to drop anyone interested. It's being funded by myself only.


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Cullan Nhara
Camera Operator

Hi Sean,
I can DOP for you for travel and expenses and deferred payment based on potential future income the film makes.

Interested in hearing more about the project.

Here is a link to my showreel-

Kind Regards,


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Benjamin Wong
Director of Photography

Hello Sean,

I’m a DOP based in Manchester but I can travel to anywhere. Here is my showreel and kit list. Please feel free to getting in touch.

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Erica Carrubba
Director of Photography (DOP)

Hey Sean,

would love to hear more about your film. Happy also to give you an estimate fee and answer any questions you might have.

Here is my works:

Feel free to contact me at

Erica Sarah Carrubba

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Andrew Kuchanny
Director of Photography

Hi Sean,

The price of a DOP is an interesting question - in all honesty its the price that they are willing to do the project for.

My biggest advice is that you need to pick someone who you feel like you can work with, and has a similar idea for the project, as well as the ability to pull it off within your budget.

If you need someone with their own kit, don't just choose someone because of the equipment they own, the camera (and more importantly the lenses) are not the biggest tool you need, its the person operating and creating the visuals.

So go for someone you think you will get along with and like their work - no matter what your shooting on if they are good you will get some great images.

Don't forget that they ideally will need a team, of a 1st AC and a gaffer (and if you can do it a grip) to make the film as great as possible, and in all honesty Gaffers and Grips are more likely to demand "their rates" than a DOP who likes the project will.

If it was a commercial job then APA has set rates, but drama things are a bit more fluid if that makes sense.

Hope this helps.

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