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Sally Walker-Taylor
Voice Over: English

Just seen this message 'We will be removing Profile Views data on the 13th of September. With so many new features on the way, we needed to make some room for them.' What are these new features? Given we pay for a platform it would be courteous to let us know in advance of major changes being made? Profile views data is a very useful tool, so this constitutes a major change in my view. What is it specifically being replaced with and how is it advantageous to users? So far all the changes that we've collectively been paying for with our memberships have involved removing functionality and I'm yet to see any improvements or additions. Also, how is it ever necessary to remove a feature to 'make room' for another? Are you referring to server space? Screen layout space? Why cannot new features be added without removing others? Please don't post a generic response then lock the thread. Thanks.

Editorial Comment Hi Sally, thanks for posting in the forum.

The Mandy platform resides on an aging codebase and is extremely difficult to maintain. We are in the process of migrating our existing codebase so that we can quickly start to implement improvements and product features our users are demanding. In this process, we are temporarily removing some of our legacy features to make space for newer exciting additions to our service, leading to improved privacy for casting directors and employers, which should lead to even more applications being viewed and shortlisted behind the scenes. An improved version of these tools could be relaunched in the future.

Our goal continues to be to provide a platform with the best job opportunities to help our talent grow their careers and become successful. We can assure you we're not going anywhere and the core of our service is remaining the same.

All the best!

The Mandy Team.

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Tanya O'Sullivan
Voice Over: English

Yes, I’ve just noticed this too! Very annoying, I find the profiles views and application status 2 of the best features of the site and can’t imagine what could benefit this platform that would be worth getting rid of these for.

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Sally Walker-Taylor
Voice Over: English

I want to know what these product features the 'users are demanding' are. Was there a consultation process with paying members? A survey I wasn't aware of? I've heard of many people on here saying they find profile views and application statuses very useful so why doesn't Mandy take this feedback into account as a 'profile feature users are demanding.' Even if you can't migrate historical data for some reason, there shouldn't be a need to remove these particular important functionalities in order to add more.

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Lee Beddow
Voice Over: English

Completely agree with previous posters - you're going to a better system but can't keep features members like and use? And all for 'new' features we know nothing about? Hmm

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Ricky Zalman
Voice Over: English

Dear Mandy Network Team -

PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE PROFILE VIEWS AND APPLICATION STATUS DATA. If you look at all of these threads - and the messages you're receiving on social media - THESE are the core members who use your platform daily, and THESE people are best placed to give advice and feedback on current and proposed changes. It is hard to believe that you are not able to retain these two CORE features whilst you introduce new ones.

Don't get me wrong, new features are welcomed (the platform hasn't changed much in recent years and does need to evolve with the industry...) but you have not surveyed your members in any way that I've seen, so how do you know what features are wanted - or even needed by the membership?

If you continue to act in such a careless way - you will continue to lose many more of your FEE PAYING membership. Please reflect on these changes and reverse the decision to remove these two features as they are clearly VITAL to many of your core members.

Signed - the below.

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Jane McIntyre
Voice Over: English

I agree with previous comments and have added my own comments in emails with Kat, in Support. Mandy. Are you listening to your members? Please do. We pay our annual subs to maintain this platform and appreciate that sites evolve. But if this site's users are imploring you to keep certain features, and you ignore us, you'll lose us. Please take note.

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Brendan McCoy
Voice Over: English

I'll take an educated guess that what they mean by "Migrating data" will be to a "new" website that will be yet another carbon copy of their own terrible Backstage platform, like they recently did with Starnow making that platform an absolute mess, destroying people profiles and credits listings that required hours of work for users to fix with an awful "new" user interface and experience.

I'm guessing that when we lose the 'profile views' feature we'll probably also be losing the ability to see if our applications/demos have been viewed by the clients, and if that is the case then this site basically becomes less than worthless without the ability to gauge client engagement.
I'd also guess that sooner rather than later another invaluable feature that will be removed from this platform will this very forum... I'm sure they'd love to shut us all up from complaining in full view of other users.

As far as I'm concerned literally nothing that Backstage has done to this site has improved it in anyway, quite the opposite in fact. And I don't believe for a second that anyone of us paying users asked for any of it, it's just to make all the platforms they now own uniform in form and function so it's easier for their own staff to handle.

I'd advise anyone who can to move to Spotlight, Bodalgo and hell even Voice123 as Mandy is basically dying, even the clients posting castings must be seeing the way the wind is blowing as some of them have started asking people to apply directly to email addresses in the breakdowns rather than use this site's own casting interface.

Backstage seem set on destroying everything that made Mandy even vaguely user friendly and actually helpful to it's members.

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David Meller
Voice Over: English

This is the first I've seen of them removing profile views and application status. Something I find really useful. It seems I, and many others, are paying a monthly fee for a string of withdrawn functionality. Looking at your response at the top of this thread you are telling your paying supporters:

"Whilst we can't share complete details of our coming site updates, we can share we're adding a multitude of new features and improvements for both free users and subscribers, most of which we're expecting to have ready as soon as possible."

The above statement says nothing. Not only are you not sharing "complete details", let's face it, you're sharing nothing. It's a promise made of fog. I don't understand why we, as subscribers, can't be told of the new functionality. The functionality of your website affects us, the users, directly. I feel that if anyone has a right to know what is coming, we do and what better way to sell this sparkling new site than to get your subscribers on board. Please stop treating us like mushrooms and help us understand what you're trying to achieve.

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Karen Brooks
Voice Over: English

I agree with everything that has been said. Quite frankly this site has become pitiful with too many unpaid jobs advertised, filtering gone to pot etc.. As full paying members we are entitled to know what they have planned and should have been asked first. Moreover, I would expect the implementation to be a smooth one. If they intend to 'take away' what to me is the only reason left to be on this site, then I expect them to be ready and immediately replace it with the same functions, only better. Like most things in this industry, exploitation is rife and now we have to deal with more bollocks.
As an wise old cowboy once said...'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'

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Nikki Mills
Voice Over: Welsh

I'm also in agreement!

'We'll charge you the same fees, but now we'll keep it a secret if an employer has viewed you and won't let you know if the auditions you're lovingly submitting are even being listened to.'

These were two of the key reasons to pay membership!

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Felicity Bown
Voice Over: English

I wholeheartedly concur with everything that has been said. The ability to see if and when my applications has been viewed is the main differentiator of Mandy. Actors and voice artists have so little agency/ control over their own destiny, so being able to track who is viewing our profiles and audition tapes is vital. I will seriously be considering my membership now, following this upcoming change. I'm really disappointed.

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Lee Beddow
Voice Over: English

Anyone in admin or management listening? Don't feel very reassured at the moment and starting to think other agencies are calling

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Danny Doyle
Voice Over: English

Hear, hear! Application Status and Profile Views are a USP for Mandy in my view, and as previous posters have highlighted, both features are essential to measuring "Client Engagement." It will be a disappointment to see these features removed.

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I refused to renew both my Actor and Voice Over 'Premium' (sic) Profiles as soon as the impact of the awful Backstage takeover became apparent.

No Money from me, until the previous CCP/VP Mandy perfectly adequate service is restored.

Unfortunately, I think Backstage is on a one-way street, and they have no intention of a) listening to their customer base.
b) not caring much for Mandy as they focus on their StarNow and Backstage platforms.

I think they took over Mandy to wind them down and remove the competition.

Surely, you have all seen the quality, and quantity of casting notices fall through the floor of late.

Is sad, but Mandy is now 'dead man walking' and, save for our Spotlight profiles, we're all now homeless.

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Hollie Hales
Voice Over: English

I viewed the application status feature as the same as being pencilled for a job - when you’re under consideration it’s a good indicator of what dates you need to pencil etc. and it’s been so handy for finding out my hit rate with views, booking jobs etc. I echo everything that’s been said and I would love the chance give feedback/ suggestions if things are being overhauled.
I am also really keen that a minimum pay floor is introduced. Companies should be abiding by equity rates and there needs to be improved vetting on the sorts of rates being offered. I know we are all fed up with seeing ‘in perpetuity’ and very little compensation/information.

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Kasper Michaels
Voice Over: Canadian

I think everyone here has some valid points. I am also interested in what these new features are. As far as I'm aware, the only thing I've ever asked for is a return or functionality of an existing feature that stopped working, like email alerts for example. Those are still broken beyond belief. Who wants to be notified the day after a job is posted?.... ahem... I digress.... Sally has a point. what are these new features and when did we ask for them? I also love the solid commitment of, "we are happy to announce we'll tell you when they are ready, and that will happen as soon as possible." No dates, no indication of even how this will better the site.

Vagueness is always concerning. I wonder if they are planning on raising rates to compensate for all the new goodies we are getting.

Well, let's hope for the best people. maybe something good will come out of it. Again, as I've mentioned before to the team, a newsletter or mass email to subscribers would not go amiss. keeping us informed is always a better way. And "not being able to tell us" does less to inspire excitement and more to incite consternation and worry. Since when did Mandy operate under an NDA clause?

Are they afraid subscribers will jump ship when they find out about the changes?

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Pete Eaton
Voice Over: West Country

Apart from looking at the jobs, profile views & application status were my go to buttons.
If you get no other kind of reassurance that you are being checked out, you may as well write your applications on a stick & chuck it in the river.

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Wendy McAtee
Voice Over: Northern Irish

Agree. It is such a shame to remove such a useful tool, it is always great to see my read has been looked at/listened too, makes my effort and work worth while.
Maybe they are coming back with something greater!!!!!!!!!

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User Deleted
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I can now only presume that the next feature to be removed from this ever shrinking platform will be the avenue for job applications.

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Tanya O'Sullivan
Voice Over: English

I wonder if it’s actually the casting directors asking for the feature to be removed to avoid people chasing them when they see they’ve been looked at.

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Ruth Urquhart
Voice Over: Scottish

It may sometimes happen that people chase the casting directors but I don’t believe it would happen enough to warrant ending the profile views. It’s also too much of a coincidence that they’ve had it all these years and now suddenly they are getting rid of it after the Backstage takeover. I think im done with it now. I’ve been on here a long time, got some good jobs but now I really don’t feel like it’s worth it anymore. :-(

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