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I'm getting SPAM e-mails from Star Now, is anyone else?

Editorial Comment Hi Ian, thanks for posting in our forum. We're unable to assist with any Starnow specific queries, but we'd recommend getting in touch with [email protected] for further assistance. If we can assist with anything regarding your Mandy profile, please get in touch via [email protected]

Kind regards, The Mandy Team.

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But I have nothing to do with StarNow, and they appear tk have my details, through the tie-up between Mandy/CCP and Backstage/Starnow.

I did not give Mandy permission to pass my contact details to Starnow, and certainly did not request any e-mails.

It is Mandy and Backstage that are responsible for thisz and it is for Mandy and Backstage to rectify, by restoring my contact presence within the organisation to how it was pre Backstage merger/takeover.

Passing the buck, and suggesting that I sort out a problem that you have created is terrible customer service.

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I agree, the emails are a lot. But you probably did give them permission when you signed the T&Cs, I'm sure it's in there.

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I’m very unsatisfied with the recent service since the new formatting. I mostly receive unpaid student film opportunities and very often these appear in a line going down the left hand side of my screen and are unreadable!
What’s happened to the Independent film company roles? The Inde’ and student paid roles? And why am I getting the info’ in a line running down one side of my screen.
At the moment it seems that I’m not getting what my premium package promised.
WHy is Mandy’s service gone so terrible bad?
Is anyone else having the same experience?

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Andrea Gould

Hi Renford,
Please have a look at the comments thread titled 'Website bug or update in progress'. It shows how many of us are in the same boat as you!
Star Now has also been messed up in a similar way, and I don't get any offers from them anymore, despite having been a pro member before they messed it all up.
Star Now says my profile is 'incomplete', but they removed lots of important stuff when they changed it all. They've removed photos, videos, contacts, saved members, followers and all sorts! They've also removed all my list of relevant work. I can't use it anymore. It's very depressing.

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Barbara Bone
Actor, Entertainer

Yes I am absolutely seething about this. Ive tried to cancel Star Now after a great few years with them but it isn't even possible to find out how to do that. I cant reposition my photos as they are all over the place with new ones gone and really old ones on the top, and have wasted hours trying, they just jump back and I get a message to say the site is down and bear with!
I have had no opportunities since the change and lost the ones I was High Interest In .
I would like to demand compensation if only I could work out how to do it. I cant even scroll down to read the details on some jobs, Total Nightmare. What can we do!.ALSO the print is so faint AND small its impossible to read.
What ever was wrong with the old site? It worked perfectly for me .If you are reading this Star Now PLEASE contact me ! Barbaar Bone

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Toni Brooks

Mandy and Star Now have been taken over by Backstage and neither of them work properly any more:

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Consider yourself lucky then.
Last month, StarNow randomly charged me £14.39 for a monthly subscription that I didn’t request (even though monthly fee is £11.99 and that was still a trial member after the money left my account) . Frighteningly, they were able to do so because, as a Mandy Premium member, they had my bank card details stored. They only refund the money after I got my bank involved…

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As a relative 'Newbie' on here I have more or less given up on Mandy, StarNow AND Backstage. Bombarded with utterly irrelevant emails, all repeating the same job lists, even for ones that are same day 100 miles away or the submission and filming dates have already been and gone! So disappointing as was keen to obviously not only find suitable productions that I might get a role on but also build connections and get tips etc from my peers, especially as on StarNow I had started to get followers and build up a little network. Very disheartening and I can only imagine how incredibly frustrating to say the least, it must be for all you more experienced members that regularly get work through the platforms. Thinking of just cancelling the lot and hoping for the best with casting agencies, but apparently Mandy/StarNow/Backstage are the places to be on....

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[email protected]


I have been both a Mandy Member and a Casting and Voices Pro Member for years before they combined to form Mandy.

Since Mandy was taken over by Backstage (who, I understand, own StarNow) I have been receiving unsolicited, Spam, e-mails from StarNow.

From my conversations with others, I am not alone and other previous Mandy members are receiving these unwanted e-mails.

Can you please stop.

I want nothing to do with StarNow, and do not wish to be contacted in any way by them.

Yours sincerely,


Ian James Seale

  • 6 days ago
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Ian, see my post on the other thread about reporting them to the ICO. This is a breach of GDPR. They have no idea what they're doing with regards to UK Data Protection. Utter incompetence.

  • 5 days ago
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Just tried - need to wait 1 month for a full reply before raising a complaint.

  • 5 days ago
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