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Rebecca Jo Hanbury
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So, do Mandy have a profile view count and do they still have an application status bit?
I can't see anything, I thought profile views were supposed to be on the Dashboard?

Editorial Comment Hi Rebecca,
The Mandy platform is in the process of a large and necessary technical overhaul. These updates will allow us to implement improvements and product features our users have been demanding. In this process, we have temporarily removed some of our legacy features to make space for newer exciting additions to our service, leading to improved privacy for casting directors and employers which should lead to even more applications being viewed and shortlisted behind the scenes. An improved version of the view-tracking tools could be relaunched in the future. Our goal remains to provide a platform with the best job opportunities to help our talent grow their careers and become successful. We can assure you we're not going anywhere and the core of our service is remaining the same.

If you have any further questions about these updates please feel free to contact our customer service team via the "contact us" form.
Best regards,
The Mandy Team

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