what works?

  • Bethany Birley



    what profiles work? I have the training but I admit I don't have the looks that might usually be gone for. What can I do to ensure I at least get a second look by producers?


    • 11th Sep 2020
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  • Mary Swift


    Hi, I thought the following tips would be useful: It is important to wear your best clothes and make up; a tan from the hot weather is as good as make up and you will only need to wear lipstick. From your photo, wearing your hair long would suit you better than tied up and dark brown eye shadow with black mascara would blend in well with your hair colour. Apply to the roles you would like to appear in and one-day you will be contacted.

    Good luck.

    • 15th Aug 2020
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  • Tammi ODonoghue


    Just be you , a support artist/extra whatever you wanna call yourself is supposed to blend into the background, and represent the real world. You happen to do that perfectly, infact I would say it’s your so called imperfection’s that make you perfect so just enjoy being you and wait for your time ,to shine .

    • 11th Sep 2020
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