Would anyone be interested in a Zoom Workshop on Auditioning?

  • Philip Kay


    Hey Guys, I hope you're all well!

    My name is Phil, I'm an Actor, Writer and Private Tutor in London. With things starting to slowly go back to normal (whatever normal is anymore), more productions are getting the green light to begin shooting and scheduling again which means actors here and everywhere will hopefully be getting more opportunities again - which will likely mean more auditions. As most will know and have experienced particularly during lockdown, auditions are mostly taking place via Self Tape and Zoom/Skype, which in many ways is great for us actors.

    I work with a lot of actors from beginner to professional both in acting and tutoring and lots of them tell me similar things when it comes to these types of auditions. Either they don't fully know how to do them (zoom auditions) in the most professional way, or they believe they are giving their best performances but they don't seem to be getting anywhere and because most of the time you don't get any feedback its hard to know if/where you might be going wrong.

    Would anyone be interested in joining a Zoom workshop where we can all go over the whole Zoom/Skype audition and Self Tape process. People can share their thoughts, queries and feedback in the workshop and we'll be sharing key information (Do's and Don'ts) that I've seen first hand that actors clearly aren't being told.

    If you would find this useful and worthwhile, do let me know :) Have a great day everyone!

    • 28th Jul 2020
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  • Andrea Gould


    Hi Philip

    That sounds like a great idea! I find self taping for me doesn't show me in my best light sometimes.

    I'm still getting to grips with zoom too!


    • 28th Jul 2020
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