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Chris Keyna
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Hi everyone

Ive recently found myself on the receiving end of a professional "FU" from a company that some of you may know. And if you don't, then let this be a warning.

I did extensive research into this California based company (who's name I will not mention here) and for all intents and purposes it looked to be a nifty little mic that I could take on the road with me. I even opted to order it directly from them to help support a company that appeared to be doing great work in a somewhat cornered industry (+£50 import taxes anyone?)

Their webpage claimed the mic has a self noise of 13dba, similar to my Neumann102 (12dba) and Mkh416 ( 12-16dba). However upon plugging it in I think it's safe to say that is not the case.

The worst part - initially assuming the mic was faulty I reached out to the company a few times and have been met with a wall of silence at every turn. My 20 days I have to return it have now expired.

These guys have crafted a very careful image of themselves online with only 5* reviews everywhere you look. So i have made my own very candid comparison, in the hopes it might help someone mulling the decision to think twice before following me down this road.

I doubt this platform will allow me to link the YouTube vid here so if you are interested in knowing more, drop me a message and I will send it over privately.

Stay vigilant folks.


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